iPhone putting Apple in smartphone global market

On February 15, 2012

It is without a doubt that the iPhone is one of Apple’s most successful and profitable devices that the company has ever created. It single-handedly took on countless of other smartphones in the market and even then it gained total dominance over the market share. In fact, it is the only smartphone that Apple has sold so far although in a few different generations but nevertheless, it is the phone that revolutionized the market.

In the fourth quarter of last year alone, the company managed to sell of 35.5 million iPhones and that number is already an increase of almost 24 percent as compared with the same quarter of the previous year. Samsung on the other hand almost managed to sell the same amount but fall short as theirs amounted to only 34 million devices.

Apple and Samsung are two prominent companies in the market right now and those that used to be on the top such as Research in Motion (RIM) and Nokia is slowly losing out to these two manufacturers as well as to the low-end ones such as ZTE and Huawei as well. However, in terms of operating system, Google tops the chart with Android while the iOS gets the second spot.