iPhone Road Trip- Part 1.5 (and a bit of a rant)

On September 22, 2008

So, I’m back from my iPhone-enhanced roadtrip. Along the way (600ish miles since last night) there were a number of applications that were incredibly helpful. Before I post on that, though I want to talk a little bit more about entertainment.

Yes, I listen to music on the way back but I also had the opportunity to catch up on some podcasts. About an hour into my trip home I realized I had missed my favorite Sunday morning news programs. Of course I could watch at home tonight since my iMac recorded them using eyeTV, but I realized… why wait if I didn’t have to.

So I turned on my iPhone, started the “Podcaster”, typed "Meet the" into the search window and within 3 seconds the app asked if I wanted to subscribe to "Meet The Press". I subscribed and within 35 seconds was listening to this morning’s broadcast. (Depressing stuff talking about the financial meltdown, the current government bail and the future of the country… but that’s besides the point.)

I can’t recommend Podcaster strongly enough. It is one app EVERYONE should have on their iPhone…

Oh, wait… that’s not possible is it?

I almost forgot, Podcaster is one of the apps Apple refused admission into the App Store. Apparently it too closely replicates… ITUNES!!!!

(So why do I have it, you might ask… because when Apple refused admission the developer sold some of the 100 ad hoc versions that developers can use for beta testing and reviewing for $10 a piece. I bought one of them and am happy I did.)

Here’s the thing, though– Podcaster hasn’t replaced iTunes for me- not even close! I use iTunes all the time. It hasn’t even replace my using iTunes for podcasts. I sync my iPhone and all the new podcasts to which I am subscribed all the time. On a day like today though, it was incredibly convenient to be able to get a podcast over the air and in real time, instead of having to wait until I got home and could sync.

Note to Apple-
The iPhone it is about convenience and mobility. Having to plug it into your Mac or PC in order sync with iTunes is OLD TECHNOLOGY and completely inconvenient.

Having to physically sync in order to get the latest podcast when an application to get over the air Podcast is available and it works beautifully doesn’t challenge your monopoly, IT ADDS VALUE TO THE IPHONE!! Refusing it access is just dumb, inconvenient, not customer friendly, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

So listen Apple, if you don’t like the fact that somebody came out with the stand alone over the air podcast application for the iPhone before you did…  buy it from them!!! Pay the developer a lot of money and BUY IT.

And if you feel that Podcaster is a threat to some aspect of your business model pay them even more money and have them re-brand as an iTunes extension (or something stupid like that), add in whatever limitations you need so that your bottom line is protected etc… But find some way to PUT IT ON THE DEVICE! 

Apple, you are a mature company that is gaining ground faster than Microsoft can put out new ad campaigns. It is time you cut the cord… and let us cut it too!