iPhone sales increases for the quarter

On December 8, 2011

Previously, AT&T released a statement that it will reach the record number of smartphone sales for the fourth-quarter of the year all thanks to the new iPhone 4S. This is because mainly the iPhone, coupled with a few other smartphones that it currently offers contributed to the company’s increasing revenue. In fact, the iPhone sales surprised so many people that the people in Wall Street had to re-estimate the amount of sales of iPhones generated as they said the figure that was previously given was “too conservative”.

An analyst from UBS estimates that there will be roughly 30 million iPhones sold during the final quarter of the year and this number was a 2 million from its previous estimate of 28 million units. Another analyst from Robert W. Baird gave a figure of 31.2 million instead of its previous 27.3 million units. These numbers are a combination of both the sales in the US and other countries in the world on which the iPhone was made available.

With a lot more countries still waiting to get their share of the iPhone, it can be predicted that the figure will continue to grow making it one of Apple’s most profitable year from the revenue received from the sales of the iPhone.