iPhone Set To Take Another Huge Step As The Ultimate Handheld Computer

On May 20, 2009

I convinced my friend and colleague Ted to get an iPhone about a year ago. (In fact, I’ve gotten almost all the people I wrk with using and iPhone or Touch.) It was, however, a sad state of affairs. Ted under-utilized the thing terribly. Until recently that is. Lately he’s been finding more and more way to use it. Ted is a musician and is blown away by all the musical apps that are available… (although his most recent aquisition was no less that SmackTalk! I LOVE that app.)

Last night he commented… "Man, this thing is a handheld computer… not a phone!" To which I said, "Duh!"

Well the "handheld computer not a phone" is taking another huge step in the next few days. Word is dataViz just submitted Documents To Go for iPhone to the AppStore for approval. It will be interesting to see what it means to have a real document suite on the iPhone… especially if iPhone OS 3.0 allows keyboard to be attached in some way.

We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.