iPhone Siri hacks will soon include Spotify

On January 5, 2012

Siri is really fun to play with and it is also a good application to hack as well. Previously, we’ve seen hacks done by hackers which use proxy to enable other iOS devices to utilize Siri. However, there have also been hacks done to enable a few additional third-party applications to use the voice recognition app as well. It should be noted that the only few applications that are fully compatible with Siri right now are Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha and Yelp only. The rest are not supported by officially by Apple.

Comes Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek whom Forbes look up as “The Most Important Man in Music”. An iPhone user such as himself also thinks big when it comes to his famous application as well. He imagined Spotify to be able to be used with Siri and that happened with a Siri Proxy custom plugin which allowed Spotify to be controlled using the voice recognition software.

Based on an interview, he already has plans to incorporate Siri into Spotify. This was done through a hack done by his teams of programmers. However, until an API is released for the use of Siri, little could be done legally unless the company reaches an agreement with Apple to include Spotify support with Siri.