iPhone tricks that not many users know

On January 12, 2012

The iPhone is a very handy device. There are thousands of apps that could help the user to achieve various types of tasks. Apple also incorporated a few tricks that could simplify the job of the iPhone users and even if Apple does not cover the little bits, there are applications that could help with that as well.

Scanning documents – A lot of people rely on scanners to get their documents done but they shouldn’t have looked far for it. The iPhone will simply do the trick. Applications such as Genius Scan can easily scan documents on which can then be easily sent through emails or kept inside a cloud storage such as Dropbox.

Adding custom gestures – Assistive Touch was initially made for those that are disabled. It allows the user to add in certain gestures as a shortcut to where they want to browse through. It also has a pre-made set of gestures.

Store personal vocabs – Some people like to speed things up while texting and that is possible with a built in shortcut in all iPhone devices. This feature is available at the keyboard settings in the iPhone and all there is to do is to key in the full text along with the shortcut wanted.