iPhone unlock made easy through SAM

On April 26, 2012

Previously, there was a case that made it hard for those that had their iPhone contract ended to unlock their devices from AT&T. However, after much persuasion and help from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple himself, the customers finally won and AT&T had made it easier for people to unlock their phones. However, another method of doing it is through Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) and that application had certainly got better.

Sam Bingner which is the developer of the application had updated it recently. There are a few improvements being made with the emphasis on the unlocking module itself. Sam has made such an improvement that there is no longer the need of copying the IMSI or needing the original SIM card. This is because from now onwards, the latest version of SAM simply works. There is a more detailed instruction on how to unlock your iPhone through this video done by Jeff Benjamin.

Once unlocking is complete, be sure to save the activation ticket through methods such as Redsn0w or iFile so that should anything happened in the future, you would have the activation ticket which would definitely come in handy. If you find your phone is in need of an unlock, then we have no other applications to suggest than SAM.