iPhone 4: "Emergency Call" screen

On August 19, 2010

I recently experience this problem with iPhone 4. It displays “emergency call” and “different sim detected” screens after I did jailbreak my iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe. This “Emergency screen” is different with previous Emergency Call and connect to iTunes screen.

So, this problem is appear on iPhone 4 after jailbroken using JailbreakMe and unlocked using ultrasn0w. It happens whenever I tried to change my SIM card, even though my iPhone 4 has been activated, full jailbroken (using JailbreakMe) and fully unlocked (using ultrasn0w).

If you having error “emergency call” and different sim detected on iPhone 4, read this guide:
Fix “Different SIM detected Please connect to iTunes” problem on iPhone 4

Anyway, if you see this emergency call screen due to activation, you will need to Activate iPhone 4 using official micro SIM card or Phonebook card