iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 Verizon parts leaked

On January 6, 2011

This video was leaked to the Internet recently via Youtube. This video uploaded by GlobalDirectParts, a phone repair shop. There is a confirmation needed whether this parts is iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 CDMA version for Verizon.
The original video is addressed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1BI8czhL1w

But, this video was removed by Youtube due to copyright claim by Apple Inc.
iPhone video removed

However, there must be someone who download this video, then re-upload it using his own account. Here is the backed-up video:

Meanwhile, there is another photos from SmartPhone Medic also shared some pictures that was rumored as either iPhone 4 Verizon or iPhone 5. The pictures are similar with the one in the video.

Verizon iPhone 4