iPhones are the #1 mobile terminals that generate the most traffic on the web

On February 4, 2013

iPhones and iPad tablets are already on the first place among the largest terminals that generate web traffic in their categories, but now, global (iPhone and iPod Touch’s) ranked 1 and overall. Apple surpassed Nokia in terms of internet traffic, and now about 26% of all traffic comes from mobile terminals to terminals of Apple. Nokia and Samsung are ranked on positions 2 and 3, those from Samsung overcomes Nokia, but now are back to Apple, although they have a much wider range of handsets available on the market.

Statistics are calculated only in January this year and comparing the data with those of the last year, Nokia and Apple declined, but the difference is greater for Finns. Unfortunately tablets are not part of these statistics, or percentage of Apple would be much higher, given that Samsung tablets do not generate very much traffic, and Nokia does not produce something worth taking into account at the moment. Stay close, we will keep you updated about the latest traffic news.