iPhones beat Android on the Christmas shopping

On December 27, 2013


If Christmas purchases boom ended, a study captures the importance of iPhones and iPads on this festive period.

It should not come as a surprise that online purchases are conducted by the same portable gadgets. For this reason, the people at Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub – an IBM company, took advantage of the magic of the holidays to associate some statistics of purchases made by iDevice and Android owners.

Passing over a significant decrease in purchases made via personal computers, iOS devices apparently come forward when it comes to money spent on holiday gifts. With approximately 83% of mobile purchases made ??on the iPhones and iPads, this value was approximately five times greater than the rate associated with the purchase from Android phones. Of all holiday shopping, 23% were made through Apple devices and only 4.6 percent are using devices with the operating system created by Google. Compared with 2012, the increase in traffic from mobile for this activity was of over 40%.

In addition, the money spent was significantly higher from iDevices with an average of $93.94 to $48.10 on Android. An interesting comparison also was made when it comes to spending on tablets compared to those on smartphones, with about $95 to $85.

If you’re wondering why we do not see some figures associated with shopping from Windows Phone, or BlackBerry, the answer is simple. That activity was too small to be mentioned.

With such a significant lag between iDevice and Android, Tim Cook was right when he said it’s for nothing if people buy Android platform devices if they keep them in the drawer.