iPhone’s Uphill Business Battle

On July 14, 2009

BlackberryThe iPhone still has a great deal to prove when it comes to being used in a business setting.  RIM Blackberry still holds that championship.

Fortune posted an interview with four CIOs to check how open they were about using the iPhone as a business device.  Only one company uses it in any capacity for business.

So what’s holding up the iPhone from overtaking the Blackberry.  Well, for one thing people are used to the Blackberry at this stage.  Switching them over would be a change in corporate culture and that is notoriously slow.  For another, Blackberry still seems better at centralized management.  I say give Apple some time.

The bad economy is obviously not helping things.  Another factor is likely iPhone’s association with the Mac.  Most of the companies in question are Windows only.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget the really annoying factor that the iPhone is currently an AT&T only device.  That must put a crimp in those plans.

I would think that companies would also be hesitant to use a mutlimedia device for business purposes.  What would stop an employee from listening to a personal MP3 or watching a personal video on company property?  In my experience, companies are notoriously protective of how their hardware is used.  One free download of women in bikinis could get someone fired.

In short, Apple has a tough fight ahead if it wants to break into the business world.  I suppose the company will have to be satisfied with its dominance of the consumer market.  For now.

Have you used the iPhone for business in your office?