iPhones Will Now Help You Find And Start Your Car

On April 25, 2013

Apple spends increasingly more money on research and development, I talking here about a good example of the results obtained by the Company from these investments. Today Apple has published an application that is trying to patent a technology that allows us to quickly find the location where we parked our car. The company’s technology is ideal for parking inside the mall or any other facilities that are built in buildings, the discovery is done using Bluetooth technology.

For the system to work the car must have integrated Bluetooth, the parking spot must have a server to connect to, for the iPhone to see a map where you can get to the car. Innovations from Apple do not stop at finding the car, the Cupertino company is thinking that we can replace our car keys or remote control with your iPhone. The folks at Apple describe a complex system that allows us to open the car doors using the iPhone, and as soon as we get in the car we can start the car with the help of Apple’s smartphone.

In some embodiments, the vehicle-related operation can include a personalization operation, in which the vehicle automatically adjusts an environmental setting (e.g., seat position, mirror position, temperature controls, settings for an audio or audiovisual entertainment system) based on the received vehicle access credential and/or on the particular portable device from which the vehicle access credential is received.

Of course the system would not be complete if we could not control the radio, seats, sunroof, and mirrors and if the car would not automatically adjust all these items made with authentication based on an iPhone and a predetermined profit. Technologies of this kind already exist in the market and are quite a few of them, so everything that Apple makes is rediscovering the wheel.