iRadio Would Be Freely Available Internationally

On April 5, 2013

iRadio is a new music streaming service that Apple is trying to conquer a market where Pandora and Spotify are kings, but unlike the two American companies, Apple would intend to provide free services internationally. Apple is close to concluding agreements with Warner Music and Universal Music Group to bring this service to users worldwide, and it would be freely available, but Apple will run commercials during the stream, providing some of the money to companies producing and distributing music.

    That includes a quick way for consumers to buy a song they hear, potentially boosting download sales from iTunes, as well as a revenue share of new audio ads Apple is planning to add to the free service, according to sources. Even so, Apple has told the labels it’s determined to get all its deals signed in time for a summer rollout.

This service from Apple is very close to that of Pandora, would provide the opportunity to replay a song, to buy songs via iTunes and the official launch would take place simultaneously in several countries of the world. Basically saying that Apple users like to listen to music, especially when you have to pay for it and the launch of iRadio could bring very many new customers, satisfied that can listen to popular songs without paying them. iRadio would provide radio with preset songs from Apple, it would not be an on-demand service, meaning that you will not be able to use it listening to the songs you want, but you can listen to popular songs from various genres from virtual radios.