Is the gooey Cling Thing the quintessential physics-puzzler?

On June 20, 2013

Developed by Atom-Soft and published by Chillingo, Cling Thing is the new physics-based puzzler for iPhone and iPad that gives you the green light to be as clingy as you can be. The rules are simple: understand your Cling Thing, master the laws of Physics, and solve the puzzle.

Your role in Cling Thing is to control a colourful cast of grinning, curiously clingy, circular orb-like characters to get to the escape pipe. You have to tap the mono-eyed, tentacled monsters, which incidentally are capable of shooting out their long and gooey tentacles in different directions at a go, to make them stick to nearby walls and objects. Multi-touch helps you navigate 96 levels brimming with fun using these tentacles.

You are in a race against the clock and must escape with as many of the 480 stars as possible. You’ll encounter patrolling spike monsters, bubbles that hold you in place, and nodes for pivoting around. You can even slingshot around hazards by taking advantage of the water’s floaty properties. With a proper grasp of elasticity, gravity, motion, and stickiness, you’ll be able to solve every tricky puzzle and have loads of fun in the process. You’ll even be able to create shortcuts.

Each fiendishly tricky Cling Thing puzzle already has a solution and it’s up to you to find it, and you do this in a calming ambience created by a guitar/piano-inspired soundtrack.

Stay tuned for our full review of Cling Thing.