iTouch Prices Slashed Before Big Event!

On September 9, 2009

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Apple is doing something big with the iTouch lineup.  Seems like a pre-event price drop on all iTouch, Nano, and iPod products is telling us that something big is coming in that arena.

But does it mean that the new product is held up for some reason?  Or is it simply an attempt to compete with Microsofts new Zune (coming within the week) pricing which is lower than Apples.

Only time will tell, but we will be here to let you know what the results are as soon as they come out!

Here’s to hoping a tablet is coming!

iPod Touch:
– 8 GB now $199
– 16 GB now $249
– 32 GB now $299

– 64 GB now $399

iPod Nano:

– 8 GB now $149
– 16 GB now $179

iPod Classic:
– 160 GB now $229, down $20