iTranslate Voice 2.0 boasts AirTranslate alongside refreshed designs and additional languages

On July 4, 2013

Sonico Mobile has released version 2.0 of iTranslate Voice, the app that has been dominating in the language translation apps department of the App Store for some time now. The new update comes with a polished design and more languages, but the coolest addition is AirTranslate

The design of the app just speaks for itself. You’ll find a clean and refined interface, and you’ll now be able to access the settings at the bottom of the app using a new swipe gesture.

The voice recognition feature has been expanded to include Romanian, Catalan, Thai, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Croatian, Malay, and Vietnamese. Sonico Mobile has even added a humorous twist by including a fun “Presidential Voice Pack”, where Obama, Romney, and Bush’s voices feature. The last five languages, though, are yet to have text-to-speech support.

AirTranslate, a new and slick multi-lingual tool, is the most impressive addition. This is a voice translation tool that makes it possible for you to converse with other people in different languages.

iTranslate Voice was already featured as one of Apple’s best 2012 apps.

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