It’s Baaack! iGoogle for iPhone Returns

On June 13, 2009

I was bummed when Google pulled their iPhone (and Android) optimized version of iGoogle. I love iGoogle on my desktop and MacBook and find it a great way to see a whole host of information at a single glance. The iPhone version did the same although, with such a small screen it wasn;t QUITE the same…

Well, turns out Google wasn’t done with it… hey were retooling it. It is back… and better than ever.

A quick visit to will take you to a whole new version of iGoogle.

Once you log in you will find all the widgets you have on your desktop version, albeit in single column form, available.

The new version is much faster to load than before and seems to have a host of new functionality. For example, the Google Voice gadget works extrememly well. In addition, when you move from one service to another it seems to make the transition much more quickly than before.

Sure, the resident Google app provides access to a host of Google services, but with so many iGoogle widgets available, this is really worth a look!