It’s Holiday Time and These Are Free In The App Store

On December 25, 2008

The saying goes "you get what you pay for". By and large that tends to be absolutely true. There are, of course, some exceptions. Sometimes you come upon an exceptionally good deal. (My friend Wayne over on Gear Diary has an amazing ability to scour the Internet, find some of these gems, and share them with some of the site’s readers.)

Sometimes iPhone Application News and Review sites team up with developers and give away some of the best apps available. (And we’re just getting rolling! But pleeeeease, if you enter a contest log in first so we know where to send the app codes.)

And sometimes, there are just some good deals to be found. The problem is, while there are lots of lists of free and discounted apps floating around, a huge percentage of them just aren’t very good. And we’re not talking "aren’t very good" because I don’t like the particular game — I’m talking "aren’t very good" because they aren’t very good. Here, are a few apps that are currently free which are pretty good. All of them may not be to everyone’s liking but  they are definitely worth a look —


How high can you go? Topple, the most addictive stacking game ever is exclusively available on iPhone & iPod Touch! Stack and balance a family of mischievous & dysfunctional shapes using multi-touch controls to slide and rotate them into position. Build your way to victory but remember to keep your balance by tilting the screen to prevent your teetering tower of blocks from Toppling to their doom. Enjoy beautiful visuals, playful animations and a sweeping musical score Drag, rotate and stack pieces using touch and multi-touch controls Tilt the screen to keep your teetering blocks from toppling Follow your blocks facial expressions for tactical clues and comic relief




iFindWordz lets you find all the words that can be made from a set of letters. For words games, such as Scrabble (TM), this can be a useful tool that helps you learn more words. When playing word games you can also use it to verify the correctness of a particular word to settle challenges much faster than you could by using a traditional paper-based dictionary. You can use wildcards to represent a blank or any letter. The valid word list can be sorted by score, alphabetically or by word length.





The fastest multi-touch game …we’ve ever made 😉

Playing this game U are forced to use three fingers to accomplish an action (one or two fingers are also supported 😉 ). What actions do we have to choose from?… a tap, a double tap, slide, hold and our favorite, rotate action.

The goal of the game is to finish each of the cycle shown on the screen before the end of the specific amount of time. But You have to be careful, time runs faster with every cycle finished. Bad move, tap in an empty field or not finishing the cycle makes You lose points or life.



Duck Duck Duck

Rubber duckies float in a pond with beautiful highly realistic interactive water, rain and snow showers, reflected clouds and relaxing ambient sounds. With amazing reflection, refraction, animation and interaction, you won’t believe your eyes. But it isn’t just pretty, it’s a game too. The goal is to swim all of your ducks to matching colored whirl pools. Tilt to swim your ducks. Ducks can nudge other ducks off whirl pools, but don’t tilt too far or they will swim away!

Gameplay is similar to the plastic toys where you roll metal balls into holes in a cardboard backing. DuckDuckDuck takes this to a whole new level, with an ever growing number of ducks – up to thirty, and cute and beautiful graphics and sounds. Watch out for the goose. It has a mind of it’s own!