iTunes 11.0.3 Was Released by Apple – See Its Features

On May 17, 2013

During this evening Apple released iTunes 11.0.3, a new version of which iTunes Store can be accessed and through it you can manage multimedia content. The new version brings a new MiniPlayer application for listening to favorite songs, it displays the album artwork and the running tracks progress. Apple also improves the menus in which we see the available tracks from iTunes and implemented support for multi-disc albums.

The new version of iTunes can be downloaded via the OS X and Windows Software Update, or from the Company website.

The famous hacker MuscleNerd says that the new service address to no less than 40 bugs and vulnerabilities. CVE or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures are reported to Apple by various people, or discovered by its employees, they are made public and are repaired by updates. Given that Apple has solved so many problems, it is clear that Apple’s security team had quite a lot of work in the recent months and we can wait for such things in iOS 7.

In iOS 6 Apple has implemented ASLR for securing the operating system, a jailbreak solution has been developed anyway, but for iOS 7 we should expecte to improve security measures of our iPhone since they started to be used in high institutions from U.S. and beyond.