IvySkin Quattro T4 – Review

On November 27, 2008

I was first introduced IvySkin last year when they sent me one of their first-generation iPhone cases.  They claimed that although the screen out of the iPhone was covered while it was in their case you could still do everything you need to do with touch on the iPhone through it. it sounded too good to be true but in fact the case worked exactly as they describe.  When the iPhone was inside the case it was completely wrapped in the plastic material they used in manufacturing and yet the sensitivity of the iPhone screen remained almost the same.

With the Quattro T4 they have kicked it up not one notch but many. The case features their patent pending Xylo Glass ® technology fand has the same degree of "Touch-Thru" sensitivity as I’d experienced previously.  The new case is extremely streamlined and feels more substantial than the first-generation cases.  They described the case as "soft armor" and it’s as good a description for the material as any.  It looks and feels smooth and soft but is incredibly hard and adorable.  Made from a solid polycarbonate material, they case wraps the entire iPhone 3G. in as good a layer of protection as you’re going to find.  To use their words-

"It’s look suggests a soft, smooth, delicate case. But don’t be fooled. A closer look and touch reveals a solid polycarbonate shield that offers second to none protection for the iPhone 3G. The technology behind this genius design is silicone treated polycarbonate; think hard carbonate case meets soft silicone case. Finally, the best of both worlds!"

When choosing a case for my phone it’s often a choice between the degree of protection I want in the degree of "thin and light" I want.  The Quattro T4 or fears a good balance between the two in that it has a very sleek low-profile design.

A lot of thought went into this design.  That’s not just apparent in the materials that were used but in the way in which the case actually "works".  The latter half of the back and the bottom can "click out", making it easy to dock the iPhone while still in the case. (as the company refers to it — you get full "dockability"."

That isn’t, however, the only advantage of the design.  The company will soon be releasing a powerpack that actually integrates directly with the case to give full protection to the iPhone as well as 200% more run time.  While I haven’t actually seen the backup battery yet (but look forward to getting review unit) having held the actual case and having seen the pictures of the battery I can picture how it works and it’s sheer brilliance.

Overall, this is a superb case.  It’s well-designed, exceptionally well constructed, provides full access to all the iPhone’s features, protects the screen as well as the body, and is reasonably well priced.  On top of all that, even looks great.  There is one small concern that I have with the case and it’s this — when putting the iPhone into the case it is an exceptionally tight fit.  that means it can be exceptionally difficult to get the iPhone out of the case. It also means that when putting the iPhone into the case or pulling it out of the case the toggle switch for silencing the phone (which protrudes slightly from the body of the phone by design) has a great deal of pressure put on it. In light of the overall delicate quality of the iPhone 3G. (particularly compared to the first-generation device) makes me a little bit concerned about damaging that switch.  When I shared this concerned the company, who were very responsive, pointed out that by design the case had to be a tight fits that the iPhone didn’t wiggle within it.  While I understand the choice and would likely have made the same one I still have that concern. (Note: As I have used the case more and more as my daily iPhone protection this has become a non-issue. With the switch positioned correctly I now have no problem remiving my iPhone when need be)

What I like —

Great design, incredible degree of protection, the touch to screen it actually works as promised, maintains the ability to dock the iPhone

What needs improvement —

I am concerned with damaging the switch for silencing the phone over the long haul. (see above note.)

Available directly from IvySkin for $44.99.