iWatch, Apple's Smart Watch Could Stop Its Sells In Europe

On July 9, 2013

The long awaited iWatch accessory, for owners of tablets and iPhones, can fall victim to a new patent war, fought between Apple and several companies in Europe and the United States were they have already patented the iWatch name.

Preparing the ground for aggressive promotional campaign, Apple has patented the name iWatch in most regions of Asia and Latin America. But things doesn’t seem to go so well in the European Union and the United States, where the Cupertino company hit a roadblock, iWatch name was already claimed by two different companies.

The first of them – Probendi Inc. – Does not even work in the smartphone market but has patent iWatch name since 2008, registered on it a streaming application to the mobile devices. Across the ocean, an American company called OMG Electronics has applied for patent for the name iWatch and apparently plans to launch a SmartWatch accessory under this name.

However, before forgeting the iWatch name we must remember that Apple is not at the first experience of this kind. In 2007, the Cupertino company has faced a similar situation to the first release of Apple’s iPhone. Instead of abandoning the fight and choose another name for their products they put to work an army of lawyers, finally managed to reach an agreement with Cisco – the company that patented the iPhone name. Given the efforts already made for promotion and certification iWatch name in as many regions of the world, it is hard to believe that Apple will give up the name chosen for the new product.

Meanwhile, the company has patented a technology for making flexible batteries, made of several elements mounted within a deformable shell. Together with the new generation of flexible AMOLED displays, already announced by several known manufacturers, flexible batteries could be integrated into iWatch accessory belt, or other still undisclosed devices of the Cupertino company.