Jailbreak Your iPhone Legally and Easily.

On August 2, 2010

JailbreakMe, was released in the last few days and has make opening up your iOS device (including iPhone 4, iTouch and iPads) a whole lot simpler.

This new site allows iOS applications to easily install non Apple approved applications.  Users simply visit the JailbreakMe.com site and slide the Jailbreak switch to Jailbreak the device.

Apple officially disapproves the act and has said that the process violates the warranty.  Even though users could experience instability or disruption of services on the Jailbroken devices, going back to the original settings is as easy as re-syncing and restoring through iTunes.

Last week, the U.S. Library of Congress issued an exemption that allows smartphone users to jailbreak their devices and non encounter any issues with legislation or legality.

In addition, a new non-Apple controlled app store has sprung up with over 15,000 non-Apple approved apps that could be installed in the Jailbroken iOS device.  That app store is as easy to access as installing the Cydia Store app.  Its creator, Jay Freeman, says that a model similar to Apples will be in place shortly which will allow a revenue split with the non-authorized 3rd party app developers and the Cydia store.  With over 800 million dollars at stake, I’m sure Apple isn’t going to sit by and wait to see how things pan out.  So for now, feel free to try the Jailbreak, and the Cydia store, and let us know how it works for you!