Jennifer’s Excellent (iPod Touch) Adventure… part 2

On January 9, 2009

Editorial Note: When last we left Jennifer she was getting ready to cut the cord and go off on her in regard to setting up and using her iPod Touch.

On December 31st my iPod and I were sent packing from Wayne’s Mac to my Dell. For those of you that are as new to this world as I am that means I ,once again, had a brand new iTouch. It was reset to factory condition with only the initial applications on it.

I must begin from scratch setting it up from my home base and researching the applications, adding them and testing them.  I will share what I miss, my latest finds and my successes and failures. I never say NO to a challenge, but may procrastinate or complain a little about it.

So my writing was to start January 1st and I am just posting my first entries. One reason is that we were away this weekend and I had no wifi connection. IF I had the iPhone I would have had a wonderful 3G connection and could have been posting all weekend, but I didn’t, and I admit I missed my Touch immensely. I watched Wayne play with his Blackberry and iPhone and I could play checkers or read any old emails- but out of luck for any downloads or email capabilities. I did have my great little pink phone, but it if NO fun to write an email on! Again, what I needed was an iPhone.  Someday maybe……………………………

Stay tuned for my next posting- I will be sharing what I miss (desperately) and what I have done to begin making the TOUCH my own!  I will tell you this, as a mom and teacher I have found several very helpful applications (all free) that I use with my children and my students.

NOTE: Jennifer has her own forum discussion area. Feel free to leave any tips, tricks, suggestions etc there for her (and every other new Touch user!).