Jennifer’s iPod Touch Adventure: 1st Call For Help

On January 10, 2009

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, so I guess seeking help for the declared problem is step two? Having very little computer knowledge and even less confidence in my abilities I find it hard to believe I am writing for this or any tech related site. But I am hoping this is the beginning of what is to become the "best education" the web can offer!

Yesterday my wonderful (usually) children and I enjoyed the greatly anticipated, by the children, snow day! I had my sites on a laundry list of chores I wanted to do on my bonus day off.  Exciting things like taking down the Christmas tree, cleaning a closet and their bedrooms, preparing my lesson plans for next week, dishes, and laundry just to name a few. 

My children thought it would be a good day to fight over everything.  My solution?  I quickly offered one child my laptop and the other my Touch. Bothdevices  offer a great many games and the ability to occupy the darlings for a while. I don’t want you to get the impression that I did not want to spend some time with the kids.  That too was part of my list, but I had things to do first. 
My daughter opted for the Touch, and immediately searched the applications store and before long wanted to download a game or 3. I still regret showing her that little trick a few nights ago, but desperate times call for deperate measures.

She was sick and on some pretty strong steroids that kept her awake.  Being a  working mom sleep is precious to me so I gave her permission to download a new game at 3:22am.  All I had to do was stay awake long enough to enter my password and I would be golden.  She could play until the steroids wore off and then I could sleep!

So the very child that can’t remember to brush her teeth or hang her coat can remember how to search for free application? So I should  not have been surprised when she wanted to download a game or two yesterday.  Luckily I never shared my password with her or I would be in TROUBLE!  She downloaded several games and each time she did her brother  had to wrestle her to the ground to try it.  Did I mention how much I was looking forward to this snow day?
Once she downloaded her game of "Bubblewrap", and we all worked hard to beat each others high score, she proceeded to download "Beatbox free", and "ibowl".  It was fun watching her "bowl" up and down the hall.  Beatboxing, however, quickly got on my nerves.  5t’s a cool application, but has  limited sounds and songs,  it is really just enough to make you want more. After being trapped inside with the 2 kids "beatboxing badly" I have NO desire to pay for more beatbox banging!
Pretty soon child # 2 wanted his turn to download games and applications, of course!.  His choices were "FS5 Hockey", "free Solitaire" and "Cowabunga". He was not impressed with any of his choices, but there is no way to know if you will like the game until it has been downloaded onto the iPod.

After downloading about 8 apps we, no I, have decided that several must go. The only two worth keeping (IMO) are bubblewrap and ibowl.

Bubblewrap is pretty cool, a mindless activity that can easily occupy you for at least 5 minutes.  Thinking about those dreaded Dr. appointments when they take you from the waiting room only to have you sit alone, for another 15 minutes, in the office. How is one supposed to entertain children in a place that everything is off limits?  The game is better with sound, but my kids were easily entertained in silent mode as well. This game even allows you to keep several scores with names, offering up a little "friendly" compitition amongst the family.  iBowl is a pretty cool  as well.  You put your thumb on the ball and  swing your arm as if you were really bowling, then pray for a strike or spare. These are definitely keepers, but I want to rid my touch of the other "not so great" games they HAD to have yesterday.

When I asked Wayne- I know, I know I am not supposed to ask him- he "thought" I needed to go to my  iTunes account to delete the unwanted applications. I’m sure it’s rather simple but I really don’t want to messup my Touch. Can someone please tell me, in  simple straight forward terms, how to remove these from my Touch?  I am sure we will be having another snow day soon (right now actually) and I want to be prepared for it.