Jennifer’s iPod Touch – To Buy Or Not To Buy

On January 12, 2009

I ALMOST purchased an iPHONE yesterday!  Yes, you read that right!

I do LOVE my Pink Katana II, but the SPRINT Sero fair and flexible plan  is (IMHO)awesome but does not give me enough minutes. I run out of anytime minutes each month.  I have unlimited nights and weekends but these are not helpful for work.  If  I could stay within my minutes I would have a glorious $30 phone bill for 500 minutes, with unlimited text, data, mobile to mobile and nights and weekend calls too.  But I am now paying, on average, $100 a month because of over-usage on minutes.   When I inquired about increasing my minutes the options were not so positive.  My bill would jump to $100.00 and I would not get unlimited texts. So I started thinking that it is a good time as any to  upgrade to a smartphone.

I had a chance, not too long ago, to try out a Palm Centro and the Blackberry flip phone.  Neither one did much for me so they are not in the running. On Saturday, while out and about, I decided to head over to Walmart to check out the iphones on a whim.  I soon realized that I do not know enough to own and appreciate one of these little charmers.  What am I thinking?  I have only posted 3 blogs and am just learning how to remove unwanted applications so what am I doing thinking about an iphone!  Luckily my two children were with me and immediately brought me back to reality!  They had already begun negotiations for the covetted Touch! 

I  also realized  that  help was minimal and probably marginal to a novice like me–this could only go one way! BADLY!

I decided that I was not ready for this step in  "Apple" Picking, yet! 

I was going to buy the smaller one-but a little voice keeps saying "don’t waste your money, you will be sorry".  What would I possibly need all that space for?  

I have decided that I am not ready, but would like some input into what it is I should know about the iPhone before making the trek into NYC to the Apple Store on 14th Street to purchase my very own iPhone.

Please share any tips, hints or needed info to help me prepare for this next step. I still have much to learn about the touch, navigating iTunes and  discovering all the glorious things my Touch can do.