Jennifer’s iPod Touch – Now that was (NOT) easy!

On January 15, 2009

I have attempted to write this umpteen times already, and just can’t come up with the best way to word it! No matter how I write it, I look like the technical idiot that I really am!  So be prepared, this is funny, so go ahead and laugh!

In my previous posts and again here I have declared my lack of knowledge to you, but I truly don’t think some of you either

a. believe me  
or  b. can’t imagine how little I really do know about all this 

(Note: Jennifer did NOT create this image.)

So when I tell you about my latest little adventure it will be perfectly clear that I really have a long way to go.

Yesterday Chris Higgins, an iPhone app developer, sent me a promo code for a free download of a game to test out with my preschool students and review for the site. He gave me basic clear directions and a "click this link" to help in the process. (Thank you Chris)  This should be easy!  However, I have NEVER cabled my Touch to my computer.  When I was sent packing Wayne did it all.  He set it up on my computer,and reset my Touch to factory condition while my Touch was connected to my computer, and left. I watched him go it, and it all looked pretty easy.  I have watched when he would sync my Touch to his Mac.  Nice lists of all music, movies, apps etc would pop up on his screen, he would check off the ones I wanted and hit sync!  VOILA, one press of a button it was done- like a hot knife thru’ butter! I was ready to do this, 5 minutes I would be done and on to writing some newletter articles for school. 

BUT, I was wrong!  When I plugged my iPod into my computer to sync the new game I got a message that read something like this….  We are unable to sync all applications to this computer as it is not an authorized computer.

HELLO?  this was not supposed to happen!  Let me try that again, I must have hit the wrong button!  5 times I tried that my frineds before I stopped to read the pop up box it gave me.

The box said that I would need  to go to Store>authorization.  Sounds easy doesn’t it, but  enough to scare the socks of  me.   I took a deep breathe and decided that I am a big girl now and ready to conquer the (iTunes) world.   ha ha ha

So I did just as they said–  I went to Store but I could not find ANY button that said Authorization. HELLO iTunes, not everyone is a computer genius.  Where is the simple link to follow for the authorization process?  I did look at least 7 times and was even daring enough to

click on numerous locations in the iTunes site in hopes of finding AUTHORIZATION!  NO such button to be found!  I am a patient woman, however I not so much when it comes to computers.  While I was attempting this little feat I was also emailing Wayne.  I did not ask for help but did warn him that he may see a very bright light coming from my end of town! When I told him I was not authorized to use the computer he asked if my username and password word set to iTunes?

I dunno, he set it all up!!    I did look up "computer authorization" and found out I need to buy a song and play it to authorize my computer to sync music and apps to my Touch.  By this time it was too late to try round 6.  I just gave up for the night.  

What this all means to me now; I was not able rid my iTouch of those unwanted snow day downloads and now have another project to add to my to do list. yea me! I am sure most of you find this unbelieveable, but I know there is someone else out there that will benefit from this little lesson.  Stay tuned for the next post when I reveal the trials and tribulations of completing this task!    

As I closed up shop last night I just sat on my bed laughing at myself, shaking my head, thinking about what a great post I would get out of this little fiasco. 

Any suggestions, directions, or advice would be greatly appreciated! and go ahead and laugh- I did and still am.