Jiggy: Develop Native iPhone Apps in JavaScript

On November 20, 2008


Jiggy bills itself as “the easiest way to create applications for the iPhone.” It’s an application building framework and set of libraries that allow you to develop iPhone applications in “minutes” using JavaScript. For those who find Objective C a bit of a chore (me!), the option of using JavaScript is refreshing. Of interest is that Jiggy apps aren’t “Webapps” (in the sense that Apple portrays them) but can be run natively and distributed.

The catch? Unfortunately due to Apple’s lockdown and enforcement of using Objective C with the iPhone SDK, this is a jailbroken iPhone only deal for now. The code examples and browser based “IDE” are interesting enough to make it worth checking out, however, as – and I speak as an optimist here – it would be interesting to see these sorts of technologies in the hands of iPhone developers legitimately one day.

(The other catch is that it’s totally out of date – see the comments. You win some, you lose some..)

0 responses to “Jiggy: Develop Native iPhone Apps in JavaScript”

  1. Geoff says:

    All I can find for iphoneos support is 1.1.4 – Jiggy doesn’t work in 2.X. next.

  2. Leandro says:

    Old news, buddie.
    That was really good when it was released.
    Indeed, I think the project died.

  3. topfunky says:

    PhoneGap does something similar with the official SDK. There are apps in the store that have been written with PhoneGap.


  4. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments – I guess you win some, you lose some. Finding interesting things that aren’t behind Apple’s stonewall is proving rather hard this week..

  5. Fred West says:

    Phonegap doesnt do this, no instruction, dead complex, tech savy guys only or get lost, so no, phonegap is not like this.