Just Released- Woot!!

On August 28, 2008

I like Woot!

If you don’t know what that means you should!

Woot! is the ultimate "hit-or-miss internet bargain shopping" experience.

Woot! offers just one item (and only one item) per day.

Sometimes the items are brand new. Sometimes they’re not.

Sometimes the items are fantastic. Sometimes they’re crap.

Sometimes the deals are good. Sometimes the deals are GREAT!

And that is the problem with Woot!



Woot! stuff goes on sale every morning at 1am Eastern time. That isn’t a problem if the day’s Woot! is crap since there will be plenty left the next day if you decide you want that particular crap.

When the days Woot! is GREAT, though, you had better get in there fast because once the stock is gone it… is…. gone.. 

That’s where the new dedicated Woot! app comes in. It immediately tells you what is on Woot! for the day. That way you don;t have to go to your notebook or desktop, navigate to the webpage only to find out that today’s Woot! is… crap.

No, won’t wake you up if the Woot! of the day is great, but at least it makes finding out what is on Woot! just a quick tap of an icon away. Then, if you like what you see, ordering it from the Woot! site is just another tap away.

Be careful… Woot! can be addictive but hey, at least the app is free.

It is 1:15 am… time to check Woot! What??? An outdoor cooker???? Oh well, maybe tomorrow…