Just When You Thought You Had Seen It All – iLeprosy

On April 13, 2009

In the ten months since Dimitri, Ron and I started whatsoniphone I thought I had seen it all. Fart apps, burp apps, gun apps… you name it and "There’s an app for that!" I was wrong.    How in the world could I have not even considered this… iLeprocy. Yes, you too can take a healthy-looking friend and put them on death’s doorstep for just $1.99. As the app’s description puts it-

Make fun of your friends, colleagues or the local bully. Take a snapshot or choose a picture from your library and put some scars, abscess, spots and pimples on them. Show your friends the how much you like them – no matter if they are ugly as hell. Create some really disgusting pictures of those who you don’t like and have some revenge. Over twenty disgusting images to choose from, all of them created based on some real diseases like meningitis, xanthoma, plague and of course the all famous leprosy.

So my question is this.. what’s next? iNuclear Holocaust? iBubonic Plague?

I’m not even going to supply the link to this one.