Kids Say The Darndest (iPhone-Related) Things!

On July 21, 2008

We were visiting friends at their country house last night and I decided to see how their six year old daughter responded to some of the more "kid-friendly" iPhone apps (translation- I let her think she was playing with my iPhone when, in reality, she was actually helping me write some upcoming app reviews).

Anyhow… she was on her third app (yup, she is an awesome little reviewer).

I had to run inside the house for a minute. When I returned the following exchange was related to me…



Kid turns over the iPhone and shakes it…

Kid’s mom- "Sweety be careful. Don’t shake it. It isn’t like the Etch A Sketch you have at home."

Kid- "No mom…it IS an Etch A Sketch… see…"




Other comments about the Etch A Sketch app included-

"It’s not real but it sure works like a real one…"


"Mom- look how COOL this is!!!"

Guess what 6 year old is probably lobbying for her very own iPhone right about now…