LG Connect 4G Specs and Rumors

On January 10, 2012

LG Connect 4G

What we will hear about the new product of LG, LG Connect 4G, will be limited since the latest news that comes up on the internet is only leaked information. Though LG Connect 4G has been announced officially on 10 January, the fixed information of this smartphone has not been released completely. LG Connect 4G that will also known as LG MS840 will be the smartphone that has the previous Android Gingerbread in it. In the design we still do not have the information regarding the dimension and the weight of LG Connect 4G. However, LG Connect 4G seems to have dimension that are not too thick and still easy to hand on.

On the design or dimension, we still have no further information of LG Connect 4G exact dimension. There is only leaked image of LG Connect 4G that looked that this smartphone might have a wide screen on it with black color that cover the entire case. If your guess is the same with me, you are right because LG Connect 4G will have 4.00 inches on its display screen. It will be supported with high 480 x 840 pixels resolution with LCD capacitive touchscreen technology. On the hardware, dual-core 1.2GHz processor that supported with graphic processor indicates that this smartphone will have a good performance inside. LG Connect 4G will also supported with 1GB RAM on the system memory and 4GB on the built-in storage that expandable up to 32GB. On the back we will have 5 MP camera and 0.3 MP is available for the front-facing camera.

Since LG Connect 4G is not really announced officially with complete information there some information that are missing. However, from this leaked information we got some glimpse regarding the specs and feature that we will get on LG Connect 4G. Also, the information about LG Connect 4G price is still missing and will be announce soon as the official information is published.