Lightning to 30-pin adapter to be shipped tomorrow

On October 9, 2012

If you have multiple generations of the iPhone and is also an iPhone 5 user, then chances are that you have pre-ordered the Lightning to 30-pin adapter. The reason is that you might have some accessories that requires the 30-pin adapter instead of the Lightning. However, Apple did not release the adapter on the same date that they put the iPhone 5 for sale and thus buyers would have had to wait for it.

The wait seems to be over because MacRumors reports that Apple have begun notifying their users on the orders of the adapter. The report was based on words received from various Apple customers from Australia. In addition to that, there was also a reader stating that his shipment was due on October 9. With this being said and done, other customers can expect their shipment of the adapter to arrive soon.

The Lightning to 30-pin adapter is a necessity to many previous iPhone users that will be upgrading to the iPhone 5. This is because without it, many accessories cannot be used with the iPhone 5. The adapter costs $29 for the normal version and $39 for the 0.2 m cable. As of date, only Apple has the license to produce these adapters.