List of apps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

On March 16, 2012

St. Patrick’s is celebrated yearly and it originated from Ireland initially although there are a lot more countries that have been celebrating it. In fact, it is still one of the most celebrated saint’s day in the world which makes it all the more interesting to list some of the applications related to this particular celebration. Whether you’re one of the many people that celebrates it or not, it is still quite interesting to be aware of some of these applications for the iPhone.

Talking Woody the Leprechaun LiteTalking Woody is something similar to Talking Tom whereby the animated character will mimic the voice of whoever that is talking to the character. In addition to that, users can also tickle, poke his head and even make him “grant your wish” or gold. Users can also record whatever that he is doing while the user is interacting with him and then upload it to Facebook. The Lite version of this game is available free although the unlocked version is available for only 99 cents.

Drunkometer – St. Patrick’s usually involve a lot of beer drinking and usually this wouldn’t be a good thing for those that are driving or doing activities that involve a lot of concentration. Drunkometer is a fairly simple application whereby it tests whether the user the user is still sober or already drunk. This is achieved by testing the person’s reaction time and stability which is quite a feat to do if the user is drunk. Drunkometer is definitely a good indicator although drink and drive shouldn’t be a practise in the first place.

Lucktricity – Those that are drinking with friends can definitely use this application to have their evening more entertaining. It works rather simple, users just need to put their thumb at the screen and then just wait to find out whether they’re “lucky” or not. A “lucky” person may chug up to two glasses at any one time while the “unlucky” ones will just get a sip or two. Then again, the definition of luck may be different from one person to the other.

Taxometer – As we mentioned before, no one should ever practice drink and drive and here is an application to make sure that you’ll get your cab when you need it the most. Taxometer allows the user to get the fare of any taxi in roughly 30 different countries. In fact, users can also show the cab the route that you would like to take, just to make sure that the cab driver won’t be taking advantage of you. In fact, in Drunken-Mode, users just need to shake the phone to get a previously stored address for easy access in the time of need.

St Patricks Day Memory Game – Those that aren’t in the mood for drinking or just in a mood for the classic memory game can play this simple application. There are 3 levels that the user can choose from, each with its own difficulty. It is definitely a game that will test the user’s memory skill.