Little Things That Make A Big Difference – Etymotic Glider Eartips

On March 25, 2009

I love my Etymotic headphones. They offer fantastic sound, great comfort and do a superb job of blocking outside noise so music sounds great. This holds true whether I am using my hf2s, my 61 Isolators or my ety8s.

One key to getting the best sound AND comfort is finding the right set of tips. Fortunately Etymotic always includes a nice selection of choiceswith each headset. When talking to Gail Gudmundsen, Etymotic’s Director of Sales and Marketing, I learned that they were offering a new eartip style, the Etymotic Gliders. Gail was kind enough to sent a set and all I can say is "WOW!"

WOW – are these tips are ugly. They are putty colored and have a long stem. Seriously these things just don’t look very nice at all. but… WOW – are these the best tips I have ever tried. They are remarkably comfortable and sit in the ear with a fit that is so superb that they are the first tips that I actually forget I am using. I absolutely love them! At $14 for a set of three they may seem a bit expensive but they take Etymotics high-end earphones and, for a relatively low price, make them even better. They can be purchased directly from Etymotic HERE.