Little Things That Make A Big Difference – Scosche’s klearCOAT Screen Protector

On March 25, 2009

Screen protectors are all pretty much the same. Right? WRONG!

I thought one screen protector was just like the next until the folks atScosche were kind enough to send me one of their klearCoat protectors. It made its way onto my (newly replaced because my iPhone 3G was cracking) iPhone 3G last week and I am really impressed by it.

Scosche notes that the klearCoat is just 0.1mm. The anti-glare material "maintains the optical clarity and brightness of the screen while reducing smudging and glare". 

Here’s what I know- I ALWAYS use a screen protector and this is by far the best one I have tried. It looks and feels fantastic. It is all but invisible and actually seens to increase the clarity of the screen.

The kit includes 2 klearCoat protectors and a micro fiber cleaning cloth. It is just $14.99 and can be purchased HERE.

EDIT: One of our readers went to order one and found that shipping would be… OVER $10! That’s nuts. I think it is a great screen protector but while $14 is high but worth it (in my opinion) $24 is definitely not. If you are ordering something else from the company the screen protector is worth a look. As a stand alone purchase… not!