Live TV on iPhone & iPad Next Month!

On August 5, 2010

Dish Networks is bringing live streaming to your iPhone and iPad next month.  Sling technology is being added to their DVR’s and current customers will be able to either upgrade the DVR or add a SlingBox to activate this feature.

Even though Dish already has a mobile app that lets you control your programming remotely, this update will stream the current programming that is available on their network directly to your mobile device!  If you have one of the newer tuners from Dish with 2 tuners, you will be able to use one of those to tune into a different program than the one being watched on the TV.

It seems now that if other TV services want to stay competitive (Comcast, we’re talking to you), they would need to offer similar features.  Don’t know about you, but between Hulu+ and this, I think I’m going to have all the mobile TV I can handle.