Logitech prepares us a serious tool for gaming on the iPhone

On October 3, 2013

Not officially confirmed, in the picture below we see for the first time a special thought Logitech gamepad for gaming on the iPhone.


It was rumored for a long time that Logitech wants to get into the iDevices gaming peripherals. The folks at @evleaks are first posted online an image of a hybrid between a case and a gamepad, from the G Series playing instruments.

Passing over the fact that it seems very solid and integrates the edges a special texture for a better grip, it just seems to fit with gaming on the iPhone 5 and 5S. You wonder what would have expected a company renowned for quality peripherals to enter this dance? The answer lies in the new iOS 7.

Besides an amalgam of functions more or less useful input in the new operating system, Apple supports for the first time in an official mode gamepads, both the creators of accessories and game developers from the iDevices. Therefore, although they may still take a while until your favorite games will be compatible with the new wave of accessories, worth to take into consideration several factors which could justify buying a device like the one above.

If in the happy case that will become reality, such a device for gaming on the iPhone offers a much lower response time to greater orders of precision when needed plus a new way to interact with your virtual favorite characters. Who knows, maybe the next game will reach the popularity of Angry Birds and will get there due to unique gaming experience that offers those who have thrown such an acquisition.