Look Again!-addictive puzzle game

On May 20, 2011

If you are that kind of  person who likes  the “retro style art deco vibe” or who really enjoys brain teasers, the application Look Again is for you. With Game Center combination full of achievements and leader boards this game will definitely meet your requirements and will  keep anyone entertained.






Test  your brain to fast  indentify patterns and shapes in this fast paced, addictive puzzle game!

Easy to pick up and play, this unique puzzler has loads¬† of alternatives¬† and difficulty to ensure weeks of pleasure while training your brain. In every single puzzle, you are introduced with a pattern composed of overlapping shapes; your task is to recognize¬† the shapes before your¬† time runs out. Sounds very easy? Think you’ve got it?‚Ķ.Look Again!

Look Again features:
-More than  250 levels each having multiple puzzles
-10 Shape Packs with more than 30 shapes each
-Randomly generated puzzles for infinite replayability
-Gamecenter integration with leaderboards and achievements
-As you go further up the  difficulty will increase by shapes rotating, flipping or disappearing
-Retro style art deco vibe
-Driving original soundtrack designed to increase suspense



via @148apps