Love Child – Review

On March 16, 2009

Love Child is one of those fun "I don’t really need this application but it makes me laugh" photgraphy apps. The concept of this photography application is simple. The execution of it, however, is fun and works well.

You take two pictures and then, using the simple but effective controls, morph the images one into the other.

Using one slider you can smoothly morph between one image and the other. (It’s really funny) using another controller you can speed up or slow down the process of morphing.

Using a third slider (actually one slider serves double purpose) you can choose specific features such as the eyes or the mouse to swap out rather than the entire picture. And using a fourth option you can control the speed with which the two images were one into the other.

Like Juxtaposer, one of my favorite iPhone applications, Lover Child is a fun way to play with your pictures, make people laugh and, depending upon how far you go with it, lose friends and relatives.

I did one image of my niece Talia morphing from infant to 7 year-old and a second of her twin brother Joey. Both of the images were rather funny and I filmed them. Before posting them to the site, however, I realized that there is a lot to be said for my sister still speaking to me so instead of using the images of my niece and nephew to me give you a sense of what the application does using the stock video from the developers.


Quick Take

Value: Medium to high
Would I Buy Again: I would. A Really fun app
Learning Curve: Medium. Simple to start, more difficult to make the morph "right"
Who Is It For: People who like playing with pictures and laughing
What I Like: Fun, easy to use, solid and stable
What I Don’t: The interface is a little too busy or my tastes

Final Statement: If you like fun with pictures… try this one out.

You can get it HERE in the App Store for $.99.