(App Review) Lyric Legend – Enjoy The Music

On May 28, 2011

Lyric Legend has the capability to insert the lyrics of the song into your brain.

Let me talk about this for a bit. When a song plays, your main objective is to hit the screen quite in time same with the music, if you fail you will start again, and again, until you make it. But now are the funny and most entertainment part. Lyric Legend, will display bubbles with lyrics inserted in them, making you to hit the right word, in the right order of ideas (ps: doesn’t matter which “a” you hit if there are two or more on screen).

But be careful, this app it’s definitely a lot more complicated than it looks, because you need to think on two things on the same time,¬†the first one is the music and rhythm detection (pay attention to that) as well as the part of recognizing words, then think for a bit, you need to know the word and hit it. This is a hard game but is very addictive, just imagine playing Simon says, but wait for a second, and imagine in a language you only learned it for about 1 year.

However, Lyric Legend is a fun, innovative and excellent way to bring together the most important things in the art of today: music, lyrics and gameplay. It’s a free game, so go ahead and enjoy it.