Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, what to expect?

On February 16, 2012

It wasn’t very long ago when Apple released the Mac OS X 10.7 which added a wide range of new features such as more multi-touch gestures, Launchpad, Mission control and many more. The upgrade did not cost much either and probably went into the soft upgrade category instead of a major one as well. Many expected OS 11 to be released anytime soon but so far, Apple will be releasing another OS X version 10.8 codenamed Mountain Lion.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion comes with a few great improvements that are worth to note about. For example, the company had incorporated iCloud into the system. This means that contacts, mails, reminders and many more things are easily synchronized between two and more devices. In addition to that, Apple also added a notification center much like the ones available in the iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Some other new features (or applications for that matter) include Airplay, Reminders, Message, Note, Twitter and many more.

Mountain Lion is anything but official therefore it may be a wise choice to wait for an official release from Apple. Nevertheless, there is a feeling that Mountain Lion won’t be a major improvement to the already good Mac OS X. We are still waiting for OS 11 to come, that’s for sure.