Magic Piano – A Great Application Created by Smule

On May 10, 2011

Magic Piano by Smule is an iPhone application which gives you the opportunity to play  a digital piano . If you have ever shopped the app store for a piano app, you have noticed that there are dozens to choose from but this application is free, better and easier than the other ones . Magic Piano provides  unique features which makes it  unique amongst its competition.



Smule always does a great job at making music accessible and attainable for the masses. They simplified the digital instruments and makes  them sounding good and easy enough to master in a  very short time. They also give you the opportunity to go  live, global sharing which allows listen to someone else play a song live or broadcast one yourself.

Magic Piano has a interesting keyboard which sounds professional  and in the same time  bit wacky. Play freestyle by moving your finger up and down a black screen. As you play, the green dots and piano keyboard you are playing will light up. It’s a funny  game , but, if you are looking to produce a controlled performance, it is a challenge because the keys are very small.


via @app-lyspeaking