Magnetic backing for iPhone

On June 22, 2012

There are just plenty of accessories that you can use on your iPhone. If you think magnets are your thing, then you definitely need to check the MagSkin. It is a magnetic backing which sticks at the back of your iPhone. When applied, you can easily place your iPhone to any surfaces that can attract magnet. This includes the fridge or any other place that you can think of.

The skin is shaped like your iPhone which means that it would fit well on just about any iPhone cases that you can think of. It comes in several colors which may attract you. Some of them includes silver, green, orange, pink, black carbon fiber and a few others.  The thickness of the skin is more or less a milimeter thick which means that it would add up to roughly 10% of the thickness of the iPhone. However, for most people, this difference is negligible.

Those interested can get the skin for as low as $15 for international customers. They aim to get $25,000 for the cost of getting a laser cutting machine and with 27 more days to go, it might just happen.