Here are the main problems reported by users when using the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display

On December 22, 2013


Recently launched on the market, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina Display are included in a new study that compared the problems encountered by users during the process of use of some of the most popular tablets of the moment. The study was conducted by people from FixYa, a company specializing in diagnosing and solving mobile problems, and below are some of the main problems of iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina Display, Microsoft Surface 2 and Kindle Fire HDX, so as they were reported by users.

The main problems of iPad Air:

–          Sudden browser close – 30%

–          Screen Problems – 25%

–          Slowness in response time when using the keyboard – 15%

–          Problems caused by Wi-Fi – 15%

–          Other problems 15%

The main problems of iPad Mini with Retina Display:

–          Screen Problems – 30%

–          Problems arising from the media – 20%

–          Sudden browser close – 20%

–          Slowness in response time when using the keyboard – 15%

–          Other issues – 15%


The main problems of Microsoft Surface 2:

–          No support for applications – 25%

–          Poor quality speakers – 20%

–          Problems in using the Touch Keyboard Cover – 15%

–          Compatibility issues with Microsoft products – 15%

–          Other issues – 25%

The main problems of Kindle HDX:

–          Problems caused by Silk browser – 25%

–          No support for applications – 20%

–          Low battery – 20%

–          Sudden blocking of the tablet – 20%

–          Other issues – 15%

Basically with all the tablets we talk about issues regarding the use of applications, but in the case of Microsoft Surface 2 we talk about a wide range of complaints. Interestingly, when there are many problems with Apple software, although the company has constantly praised with iOS, but perhaps no one is surprised by this. Basically, all problems are often encountered in case of any new products, companies solving software problems by successive updates.