Make sure your app is complete with the App Marketing Quiz

On July 16, 2013


The guys at Sensor Tower, formerly App Store Rankings, have always been looking for new ways to improve your App Store experience and now they have built a new feature iOS App Developers, their App Marketing Quiz  covers the most important areas for iOS developers and Mobile Companies to focus on when releasing and marketing their apps.

The checklist focuses on six different areas, these include icon and screenshots, conversion, search visibility, social outreach, viral growth and finally app analytics. Icon and Screenshot focuses on making sure your app has a recognizable icon as well as enough screenshots. Conversion focuses on how you will promote your app to potential users, search visibility focuses on making sure your keywords and app tag line is recognizable. As you might have guessed social outreach emphasizes on the importance of social media in the advertising process of your app. Viral growth looks at how to help your app become more recognizable and how to grow it from a budding app to a final full release. Finally the last section looks at how to analyze your app, in other words how is it doing in the rankings, as well as examining the crash reports.

What’s great about the checklist is that it is interactive meaning that you can tick things off as you go along. each item comes with relevant tips and suggestions. Furthermore when you complete the checklist you are presented with a grid showing which areas you still need to work on and which areas you have already finished.