Making merchandises out of Instagram photos

On December 12, 2011

Instagram is definitely a blessing to a lot of iPhone users as it allow the user to manipulate their photographs instantly through their iOS devices. Once that is done, the user can then upload their photo to the Instagram server. For developers, the API service given by the company allows them to retrieve the users’ photographs with their consent of course. There were a lot of results with the two outstanding ones being Casetagram and Stickygram.

A customized iPhone case would definitely be pleasant for anyone. In fact, it would also be great as a gift as well for the loved ones. What better way to create a customized iPhone 4/4S case than to use Casetagram. The service allows the user to retrieve any of their photos that are uploaded to the Instagram server and in return, create an iPhone case for them. At a price of $34.95, it also includes free delivery worldwide. There are also tons of cases that are available to be previewed as well from its website


While Casetagram focuses on iPhone cases, Stickygram allows the user to create 9 magnets for a total price of $14.99. The pictures for these magnets are those from the users’ own Instagram photos. The price given also includes free shipping as well.