Maps And Navigation For iPhone, 6 Alternatives to Apple Maps

On June 7, 2013

Eventually Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, had to make his excuses for the mediocrity of the current Apple Maps.

The ones having an iPhone 5 or another model with iOS 6 can still install an alternative app and download a free browser with maps and other alternative better than the ones from Apple. Alternative applications with maps and best navigator for iPhone are, in order of preference:

1) Waze GPS Navigation

This application has made great strides in recent times and become a great alternative to other models of Android phones and Windows Phone. Waze is a great navigator, accurate and timely, with the maps that are updated by the users during its use. In addition to leading the way for turn-by-turn navigation, with Waze you can also enjoy chatting and finding new friends while on the road. Has a good system of traffic detection and by integrating social, it is also a good way to communicate any inconvenience or traffic jams.

2) Direct U: Offline Map for iPad and iPhone.

Direct U is a great application (in terms of size) that allows you to download the entire European map with all roads. Although the research requires internet connection, you can still see the map even while offline and is perfect if you go abroad.

3) Tim Cook recommends MapQuest. MapQuest provides maps for the whole world, timely and accurate on OpenStreetMaps.

Without download and install anything, all of you who have a smartphone and especially the owners of an iPhone can add to your home screen icons of these interactive sites with online maps:

1) Nokia Maps: maps and voice navigation

Not everyone knows that Nokia has put its online version in a browser accessible only from the browser. Nokia Maps is phenomenal because it also allows you to turn navigation, with a voice command. It also gives the opportunity to save areas of the maps to be able to see the maps offline without internet connection. The only flaw of Nokia Maps is that it is only in English and the voice speaks only English.

2) Google Maps Official iPhone App

With Google maps you can still see the mobile version online, on its fast and functional website. There is a navigation function and the maps are the official ones, with the ability to search addresses, receive directions or to check the level of traffic.

3) Bing Maps also works well on your iPhone and has updated maps and easy to refer to. The only defect of Google Maps is that some functions are active only in the U.S. while on other countries there are missing a few functions (eg on the detection of traffic and places of interest).