MemeGen – Want To Create Funny Memes On iOS?

On January 17, 2014

A new application coming from the team behind Imgur called MemeGen invites you to create memes wherever you are.

A new application coming from the team behind Imgur called MemeGen invites you to create memes wherever you are.

A meme can be summarized as a superficial photo with a few lines of text on it. In reality, it is not just a joke, but also a meaningful image, irony or any other funny thing its creator wanted. Because they are very popular on social networks, should not come as a surprise that they have created both sites and applications dedicated to making funny memes and their propagation on the internet.

From now on, you can create memes on your iPhone with MemeGen, an app for those at Imgur. The latter is one of the most popular photo hosting services and host probably more funny memes you see online every day. MemeGen is the successor Meme Generate website created last year by the same team. The latter’s popularity exploded in recent years, since it is a service that just last month was used for the creation of 135,000 memes, while another 40,000 already made memes were uploaded.

If the same recipe from online and mobile will become effective, MemeGen is an application that may soon become the most popular viral host image. As expected, this creation can be downloaded for free from the App Store.