Met at the MWC14: PanzerGlass, making your iPhone screen almost tank-strong

On March 5, 2014


As you may guess, the MWC is full of interesting things. We can’t cover all of them, but sometimes something catches our eye. We were wandering around, checking interesting stalls when we saw a hammer smashing an iPhone. The phone ended undamaged. The secret? PanzerGlass.

We’ve been told PanzerGlass is composed of a sheet of tempered glass (the same glass used in bulletproof cars or windows,) an adhesive (and conductive) layer of silicone, a PET plastic layer to add flexibility and a final oleophobic component to keep it clean from greasy fingers.

It’s one of the best protections we have seen for iPhone screens: the plastic layer makes it almost-bendable, and also prevents the tempered glass cover to explode under stress. The silicone layer makes it bond with the iPhone screen, without bubbles or problems. And it is kept clean by the final layer. PanzerGlass not only protects from direct impact, but also from angled falls: it has been tested with iPhones falling from 1.5m (5 feet) unto concrete flooring. With no scratches.

Finally, what we know you were waiting for, the video of the hammer against the screen: